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About me


My name is Jennifer, though I don't mind if you call me Demon, Jenna or even Gribble. I'm finishing high school but once I'm outta there I'm gonna work my ass off to get into the University of Florida to become a Veterinarian. I adore animals having a cat of my own, and at one point owning guinea pigs and a hedgehog. I love doing sketches of my OC's and playing minecraft. I'm really socially awkward and tend to shy away from people, though I do want to make friends, so don't be discouraged if I avoid you. As well my emotions often control my reactions, which often gets me in trouble ;A;

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Adopt Account- LirachiuTLK
Base Account- drg-adopts

My Skype- demonreapergirl
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To do

=Ref Sheets for tons of my OCs
=Collab with lirachiu and RobinFrost
=Collab with Vinyl268

=Ref Sheet for Zombies8MyWaffle
=Journal dolls for skittlesqueen and Scarfeh
=Finish Redesign for UnderworldHellQueen
=Finish Redesign for Pyro1101
=Custom Onamiki Bani-Adopts and KillingKarma402
=Art Trade with foxgirlKira

[10:37:29 PM] SCOUT NO: Oh yeah, I feel the need to tell you that -name removed- is a very religious one

He heavily dislikes and condescends on Gay
and Premarital
and you name it, his motto besides the usual is: "God says no."
[10:38:14 PM] SCOUT YES: he does realize that the bible says not laying with a man as you would a woman
NOT that you can't enjoy copious amounts of gay sex
[10:38:30 PM] SCOUT NO: xD
[10:38:45 PM] SCOUT YES: in that period, women were lower than men
to treat a man like a woman would be to treat him as lower than he was
the bible is against YAOI, not gay porn
[10:39:07 PM] SCOUT NO: xDD


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